Job Opportunities and Internships

Job Opportunities and Internships

Next Generation Freedom Fund is committed to an efficient organization, experienced professionals and highly motivated and talented interns. Members of the Next Generation Freedom Fund team work as independent contractors. Typically, we work from home. Our highest priority is mission impact. Team needs will change periodically to conform to our needs to effectively execute our strategies.

Current Job Opportunities

Journalists/Storytellers: Next Generation Freedom Fund wants to tell the stories of the poor and needy, the disadvantaged and disenfranchised – to draw persuasive attention of their plights (and their successes) for the benefit of Utah policy makers and community leaders. (For an example, see the “Comeback” series on our web site.) Investigative reports, interviews and profiles. Original reporting by experienced storytellers.

  • Preferably video experience
  • Independent contractor/free lance
  • Journalism experience
  • Paid per piece or, if proven professional, on a monthly contract basis

Current Intern Opportunities

Research Assistants: Next Generation Freedom Fund relies on data-driven solutions. We need research assistants to help shed light on Utah exceptionalism (our successes with broad prosperity and effectively assisting the poor) and Utah’s shortfalls (areas in which we are failing to address the real needs of struggling Utahns).

  • Preferably quantitative academic background (economics/statistics)
  • Preferably graduate students
  • Paid and unpaid opportunities
  • Good writers – the ability to share complex data in user-friendly ways.

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