Our Blueprint for Success

Our Blueprint for Success

Our Cause

All Utahns should enjoy exceptional quality of life. All Utahns should enjoy every opportunity for prosperity and happiness. NGFF will help make these goals a reality. We exist to lift Utah’s poor, disadvantaged and disenfranchised to prosperity. We are committed to extending prosperity, where lacking, to every person, family, neighborhood and community in Utah.

Our Values

Opportunity and Fairness for All: requires a growing and diverse economy, a large middle class, a comprehensive and effective education system equally accessible to all, and efficient and equitable government with justice for all.

Defending the Vulnerable and Least Among Us: requires an effective public safety net, a culture of earned success, and a commitment to human flourishing and dignity.

Pursuit of Happiness: requires a strong civil society of faith, nurturing families, virtue, volunteerism and charity to achieve the highest quality of lives.

A Welcoming Society: requires Utahns to be their better selves, principled but not judgmental and no respecter of persons.

What We Do

NGFF is a 501 c3 nonprofit, educational and public policy group. We know that true freedom and opportunity – the American idea and spirit – has lifted more people out of poverty and despair and given more people genuine hope, as individuals and families, than any other social blueprint.

  • We seek out Utah’s poor, disadvantaged and disenfranchised and help lift them to prosperity.
  • We focus on sound research, the best data and implementation of evidence-based strategies.
  • We reach out to all people of goodwill, regardless of political affiliation, to help in this effort.
  • We promulgate our goals and values with Utah civic and community leaders.
  • We research and report on what makes Utahns exceptional and areas where, principally and practically, progress is still required.
  • We express both the conservative mind and the conservative heart. We are the ballast for conservative principles and practices in Utah – we are an assertive voice of reason, prudence and influence in the Utah body politic.

How We Do It

We identify systemic barriers to the upward development of all Utahns and work with policy makers and community organizations to replace those barriers with systemic opportunities. Applying proven economic and social principles, we focus on:

  • Ending intergenerational poverty and welfare dependency.
  • Removing government regulations preventing access to economic opportunity.
  • Improving educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged and minority students.
  • Defining and shaping an efficient and effective public safety net.

For the first time in this modern era of state politics, conservatives will wield influence in behalf of marginalized, underserved and struggling Utahns.

The Result

When we are done – and we will be done at a determined point in time – we will have left behind for generations to come:

  • A well-defined and effective welfare safety net – replacing systemic barriers of dependency with systemic opportunities for self-sufficiency. Utah’s public safety net will have clear boundaries and expectations. NGFF will change the paradigm of poverty from separating wealth and poverty to a view where the two are complementary, interconnected and interdependent.
  • The eradication of intergenerational poverty and welfare dependency through the creation of an effective and integrated public and private collaboration focused on Utah’s children.
  • A legacy of conservatism widely understood to be the champion of the people. If conservatism is about anything it is about justice, prosperity, quality of life and human happiness – applied prudently and effectively for all. Conservatives should own every humane public policy in Utah.

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