Our Promise and Invitation

Our Promise and Invitation

Next Generation Freedom Fund is a cause and a force. We invite you to join with us and share in this influence.

Every person of goodwill wants to help the poor, disadvantaged and disenfranchised. But all too often, despite good intentions, personal and public investments to help our neighbors in need are ineffective and even perpetuate problems.

Our promise to you is that we will use proven economic and social principles, as well as our substantial conservative political influence, to uplift our neighbors in need. Good intentions in behalf of Utah’s poor, disadvantaged and disenfranchised require principled and passionate leadership. We promise we will lead effectively and help bring opportunity and prosperity to all Utahns.

Your involvement in this project will change lives, culture and government in Utah. You value what is exceptional about Utah society – so do we. Our invitation to you is to partner with us to join a new and growing community of conservative advocates. We intend to be a community of influence. We are looking for Utahns who share our values, our mission and our politics – to lend your good name, community influence and, as appropriate, your financial support.

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