Our Why, How and What

Our Why, How and What

Our Why

Building a transcendent political culture in Utah – a culture in which we see others as ourselves; a culture full of constructive dialogue and sound public policy; a culture that prioritizes the common good over individual or special interests; and, a culture of inclusivity and connectedness.

Our How

A transcendent political culture can best be achieved through a strategic focus on Utah’s poor and needy. Utah society and politics are redeemed through seeing those in need, helping to meet those needs and helping them flourish independently. The hard work – the redeeming work – of truly becoming a transcendent culture rests upon the degree to which we work toward having “no poor among them.”

Our What

We seek to lift all Utahns to prosperity. We identify systemic barriers to the upward development of all Utahns and work with policy makers and community organizations to replace those barriers with systemic opportunities.

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