A Community of Influence
Do You Know An Exceptional Utahn?
Utah leads the nation is several categories of economic and social success. But nowhere is Utah’s exceptionalism greater than in the areas of charitable giving and volunteerism – meaning Utahns take care of and serve one another. For each act of charity and volunteering is a personal story of love and service. Utahns set a great example for the nation. Do you know an exceptional Utahn? If so, take a few minutes to share their story of love and service.
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A Community of Influence

Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.

— Benjamin Franklin

True freedom requires us to be our better selves – what the founding fathers called virtue – and, perhaps more importantly, true freedom requires a community of influence to persistently call upon and elicit everyone’s better self.

NGFF is designed as a community of influence. It is “the establishment,” in Alexander Hamilton’s meaning of the term, “a principle of strength and stability in the organization of our government, and vigor in its operations. This purpose can never be accomplished but by the establishment of some select body, formed peculiarly upon this principle…

…to correct the prejudices, check the intemperate passions, and regulate the fluctuations of a popular assembly…independent in the exercise of its powers…formed as to be the center of political knowledge, to pursue always a steady line of conduct, and to reduce every irregular propensity to system. Without this establishment, we may make experiments without end, but shall never have an efficient government.

Freedom is more than Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand or even George H.W. Bush’s Thousand Points of Light. Freedom must be organized and influential. Freedom does not require perfect people, even if that were possible. Freedom simply requires people of good will toward one another influencing the common good.

As a community of influence, NGFF is designed to be ballast in Utah’s ship of state. When our policy and politics lurch too far toward one extreme or the other, NGFF’s community of influence is here to maintain proper balances of principles and prudence.

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Are you a person of good will seeking greater influence in Utah politics and policy? If so, please take a minute to join NGFF’s community of influence – take a stand with reasonable and informed Utahns – and stay abreast of true freedom in Utah.

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