Struggling Students and Schools

Struggling Students and Schools

Possible Civil Rights Violations at Utah Elementary and High Schools

There at least 23 open investigations into alleged civil rights violations — most on the basis of disability, sex or race — in elementary and high schools across seven Utah school districts that receive federal funding. For the first time, the U.S. Department of Education has released a searchable database of ongoing cases at the K-12 level — a step...
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As Family Goes, So Go the Public Schools

When it comes to education, Florida faces a paradox: Its public schools are highly rated, but its students register just average scores and high suspension rates. The Urban Institute in a recent report finds that, when adjusted for demographics, Florida ranked in the top ten states for student performance in math and reading performance, although its...
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Where’s the Parent Outrage over Education?

What makes the matter so outrageous is that the governor, legislators and business leaders keep spending more money, and they ignore the most serious problem affecting public education — its ineffective management system. Business people would never invest in an enterprise that was failing, had no clear management structure, no vision or expected...
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50 Worst Scoring High Schools in Utah, Deseret News, June 21, 2012

Here is a look at the lowest-scoring high schools in Utah, according to the state’s criterion-referenced tests, or CRT. The CRT tests gauge student performance and shows which schools are performing better than others in scores. The rankings are based on the percentages of students who have passed the 2011 CRT tests proficiently....
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