The Safety Net

The Safety Net

Strengthening Our Safety Net: A Proposal, Utah Health Policy Project

There are holes in our safety net, most notably in dental and specialty care, funding for medications, lab tests, imaging, mental health, and inpatient services. In some locations there are no safety net services at all. Where services are available, there are often long wait times, especially for new patients. A survey done by the Utah Chapter of the American...
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Utah Department of Health, Health Data and Statistics

Official home page for state health data....
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Marriage, Penalized: Does Social-Welfare Policy Affect Family Formation?, Institute for Family Studies

The expanding reach of the welfare state means that a substantial share of lower-middle-class couples with children receive such aid—and many of these couples receive more generous support if they are unmarried. That’s especially the case if their total income as a cohabiting couple is not considered in determining their eligibility for assistance,...
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