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Best Practices Guide for Closing the Gender Wage Gap

The Salt Lake Chamber and its affiliated Women’s Leadership Institute urges all businesses to review the contents of this document, identify what specific actions they can take to close the gender wage gap and adopt policies to create a more fair and equitable pay environment. When everyone has the same incentives and opportunities, we all benefit...
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More Quest for Community

Robert Nisbet, author of the 1953 book The Quest for Community, defined alienation as “the state of mind that can find a social order remote, incomprehensible, or fraudulent; beyond real hope or desire; inviting apathy, boredom, or even hostility.” While Nisbet correctly believed the problem was concentrated in young Americans in their twenties,...
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Utah Omnibus Research, 2017

Next Generation Freedom Fund teamed with Heart & Mind Strategies to survey Utahns about their understanding of poverty in Utah, especially intergenerational poverty. Findings reveal that Utahns generally are aware of intergenerational poverty and can explain its definition or meaning. Also, the survey reveals many other opinions and attitudes...
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NGFF CEO on Conservative Approach to Poverty – Part II

In another Deseret News commentary, Paul Mero lays out Part II of his conservative vision to address poverty in Utah. He writes, “I would argue, at the heart of today’s strident populism is our moral abandonment of the poor. Americans give time, money and other resources to the poor but fail to provide the most important assistance: human dignity....
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Caring for Our Neighbors in Need and Strengthening Community in Utah, Sutherland Institute, December 15, 2008

The goal is to create a coordinated private-sector approach to universal, basic, health care for Utah’s neighbors in need....
Tags: charity care, community health foundation, Medicaid, Sutherland Institute, tax credit,

NGFF CEO on conservative approach to poverty – Part I

In a Deseret News commentary, Paul Mero lays out his conservative vision to address poverty in Utah. He writes, “The Utah way on welfare reform will require a new vision and approach. If we continue to view poverty as “their” problem and separate the haves from the have nots — basically objectifying the poor — we will continue to treat poverty impersonally...
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